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Why You Should Be Actively Trying To Fail…

Failing sucks, I know.

It’s one of the worst feelings in the world.

But in order to improve, you HAVE to begin to embrace it.

Instead of giving up, learn from your failures.

I remember when I used to play Super Mario as a kid.

There would be some levels that would take me forever to beat.

I’d continue to fail but I never gave up.

Slowly but surely I would learn from the mistakes that I was making that were preventing me from beating the level.

Once I learned from them, I would make sure not to make those same mistakes again.

Each time I would get farther and farther until eventually I was flying through the level that previously seemed impossible to beat.

This is how you must approach your failures.

When you fail in something, don’t give up.

Take a moment to assess what went wrong.

After, go and try again, trying to be just a little better than the previous time.

It’s this steady but constant growth that keeps us going.

When you quit on something — you aren’t really quitting on IT — you are quitting on yourself.

This stunts your inner growth.

This keeps you “stuck in the mud” and never gives you the opportunity to evolve.

The biggest epiphany one can have is to realize that there is nothing wrong with failing.

In fact, you should actively be trying to fail.

That’s because inside of every failure is a powerful lesson that must be learned and applied for your growth.

Think about a time when you failed in something…

Let’s say for example a test in school.

What did you do after it happened?

Maybe you failed the test because you didn’t study enough.

But you learned from that failure, right?

You realized there was nothing you could do to change that grade you received on that test but you could always study harder next time so that you didn’t fail the next one.

Without even knowing it you learned a vital lesson that can be applied to any mistake you make, one that can be applied to anytime you fail.

In the end, failure can be your friend or enemy—it really just depends on how you look at it.

But after reading this, I hope you view it as something positive and not negative.

Remember that perfection doesn’t exist…

At least, not for us humans in this current state of being.

Embrace your failures, stay positive, confident and continue to further your learning and growth.

Continue to actively seek failure, which will lead to you continuing to experience achievement.

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