Part 3: The Juggernaut Method

PRETEXT: I first revealed this method back in 2015 in an article that I wrote for DigitalMarketer.

Although that was 4 years ago (a long time in internet marketing years), everything I taught in that article is still relevant and effective today.

Know that this method works for ANY source of traffic whether it be paid vs. organic, even though in the original article I focused on the organic side.

All in all, I’m still following these same methods in my businesses and still getting amazing results… 4 years later.

When you jump from business to business, strategy to strategy, searching for short term results, your business will be short-lived.

But when you build your business on foundations that last, your business lasts.

Now without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

Making money online is simple.

I know people try to complicate it.

But here’s all you need to do:

Find people that need your help -> help them -> incentivize them to get them on your email list -> offer them products.

To be said even easier…

Traffic -> Leads -> Sales

Most people “think” they know and understand this so I won’t waste too much time on the basics…

Although, there’s far much more to be learned but that’s a story for another day.


Like most people trying to nurture a business, before the Juggernaut Method I would simply send all of my traffic (from different sources and ideas) to the SAME squeeze page.

For example, one of the businesses I run is a basketball training business.

So what I would do was send ALL my traffic (millions of viewers from YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, plus paid traffic) to a “free workout to help them score more points.”

I thought that was what the market wanted, and I was right.

But I was leaving so many leads and sales on the table.

This squeeze page was converting at 55% (55% of the people who clicked it would submit their emails):

Not bad, right?

But I knew it could get better.

Over time, I began to learn about specificity and how important it was to match your content with your landing page, your offer, etc.

The more specific the content the better everything would convert.

In other words, the leads I was generating may have been interested in a “scoring” workout but that didn’t necessarily mean they were qualified or they would become a buyer.

I applied this concept to our content, whether it be Facebook, YouTube, Instagram.

I decided to create a specific squeeze page and free offer for each of the specific interests within my market.

  • Ball Handling
  • Scoring
  • Vertical Jump

Instead of sending all my content to the same basketball offer, I created these squeeze pages:

One for scoring, one for vertical jump, one for ball-handling.

By sending traffic to separate squeeze pages based on the specific content they’d seen, I was “segmenting” the traffic and sending visitors to offers that related to them.

To give you an example of one way you can implement this…

Facebook now allows you to create Custom Audiences based on people that have watched a certain percent of certain videos.

This allows you to upload different types of videos, boost them to your audience and create a custom audience based on people that have watched that video.

From there you could run specific ads to those specific people in congruence to the topic discussed on the video.

Those ads would lead them to a squeeze page that was in congruence with the content.

Still with me?


Because here’s when things got crazy… crazy good.