How To Build a Thriving Business With Long-Term Thinking

The farmer’s mindset, getting off the treadmill, and creating massive value with the juggernaut method

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Successful Businesses Are Not Games of Chance

The Farmer’s Mindset

How to Become a Farmer

Marketers Are Manipulators Pulling Your Strings

The Magic Fairy Dust Club

I do not know any of these people personally, so I’ve blurred their names out of privacy and respect.

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The story becomes quite different, however, should a compliance practitioner try to stimulate a shortcut response by giving us a fraudulent signal for it. The enemy is the advertiser who seeks to create an image of popularity of toothpaste by, say, constructing a series of staged “unrehearsed-interview” commercials in which an array of actors posing as ordinary citizens praise the product. Here, where the evidence of popularity is counterfeit, we, the principle of social proof, and our shortcut response to it, are all being exploited.

The Reality Club

“It doesn’t make any difference to me what a man does for a living, understand? But your business… is a little dangerous.”

Getting off the Treadmill

Think Like a Farmer

Melons are grown up and down Japan and they’re serious business. In May 2019, two melons from Hokkaido sold at auction for 5 million yen, that’s just over $45,000. So what is it that makes this fruit so expensive? These melons cost thousands of dollars in Japan because of how meticulous the farmers are with growing their crops.

The Juggernaut Method: How It Works

The Juggernaut Method: Operation Manual

The Juggernaut Method in the Field

Why It Works Flawlessly

Wrapping up