3 Keys to Unlocking More Online Sales

Address verified and existing problems, make irrefusable offers, and offer an in-group experience


28 OCT 2019 • 13 MIN READ

Create a Product That Solves an Existing Problem

“The Mass Desire must already be there. It must already exist. You cannot create it, and you cannot fight it. But you can — and must — direct it, channel it, focus it onto your particular product.”

Make an Offer That They Can’t Refuse

Make Them Not Want to Miss Out

Start Selling More Today

  1. Create a Product That Solves an Existing Problem. There has to be demand for the solution in order for your product to survive. You can’t be in the business of creating demand. Instead, be in the business of providing a solution to current demand.
  2. Make an Offer That They Can’t Refuse. People don’t buy products — they buy offers. Add meaningful bonuses and guarantees that add value by enhancing your product or addressing an additional area.

A Simple Five-Step Formula You Can Use to Become an Idea Machine

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6 SEP 2019 • 11 MIN READ

The Complete Guide to Mastering YouTube’s Empathy Algorithm

In In September of 2016, researchers at Google/ YouTube gave away the keys to the kingdom (at least that’s what I think and what I’m about to explain).



24 JUNE 2019 • 29 MIN READ