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I teach business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers the simple action steps for growing their audience, building a highly engaged email list, creating online training courses, and using online marketing strategies to easily generate more sales. 


Latest Articles

A Simple Five-Step Formula You Can Use to Become an Idea Machine

Produce breakthroughs consistently with gather, think, break, emerge, develop. In this article you’ll discover 20 tips that can stimulate your idea-sex and help you create better ideas.

How To Build a Thriving Business With Long-Term Thinking

The farmer’s mindset, getting off the treadmill, and creating massive value with the juggernaut method. Successful businesses are not games of chance. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs and business owners function with short term thinking on a daily basis within their own businesses. 

The Most Important Algorithm for Entrepreneurs

The three step process to connect with someone on such a deep level that you understand their deepest hidden wants, and can communicate what those are in the same language they would use. Using the algorithm, you’re able to better serve your prospects and customers with the content, products, services, and experiences you create. 

Staying Positive Even When Things Don’t Go As Planned - Make Change Predictable

We often refer to life as a journey, a roller coaster, a long road, etc. But we don’t stop and take the time to think about what this really means or what these metaphors for life all have in common.