Why Do They Call Me The "Santa Claus" Of Digital Marketing?

Hey friend,

My name is Rocky. I’m a creator, entrepreneur, speaker and writer.

I’m who many turn to when they’re looking to become the “go-to” authority and lead earner in their industry.

Which is why I get asked to speak and share my knowledge at events like the Traffic and Conversion Summit, Vid Summit, and YouTube Creator Mastermind.

If you’re a serious entrepreneur, marketer, or small business owner then you’re in the right place…

That’s because I have an amazing gift for you that will change your life and business forever… 

And it’s FREE (if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on it).

I’ll explain more about that in a second…

But first, let me be upfront with you…

I planned on having this website look amazing to kick off your experience with me…

So I “paid an arm and a leg” for a beautiful design, sexy graphics and crazy effects to blow your mind…

Everything was PERFECT.

Until this morning when WordPress told me I needed to update to the latest version…

So I clicked the update button, patiently waited for the update to complete and POOF! My beautiful site was gone.

To make matters worse…

The developer said he’d have to charge me another grand to get my site back up.

I said thanks but NO THANKS (more like thanks but FU).

I whipped this site together instead. 


So here’s the deal:

Every few weeks, I dive into the latest breakthroughs in marketing and entrepreneurship.

This is stuff I discover from research and millions of dollars in sales and consulting.

Simply put, I find out what works, gift wrap it with a bow, slide down the chimney into your email inbox and leave it there (hence the name Santa).

No gimmicks, no catch, no paywall.

(Besides, it’s all part of a slipshod ploy where you persuade ME with money to implement these secrets into your business)

So if you’re the kind of person who might be interested in something like this then keep reading…

But first, let’s skip the sales pitch and let me show you my happy, satisfied, and 100% unsolicited testis…

(Yes, even the one where I’m referred to as Internet Marketing’s Santa Claus… you thought I made that up, didn’t you?)

“99.49% Conversion? Thank you so much Rocky for your help with our new lead gen. We tested something and we are now getting a consistent 99.49% EMAIL landing page optin rate on a brand new lead magnet. Wouldn’t have believed it myself unless I saw it with my own two eyes. Listen to what he tells you and pay him…” — Mitch Miller, Owner, Opposed Media

Love what this guy is doing… and how he is going to help us blow up our brand. You don’t meet too many legit people in this space, but Rocky is definitely it! — Joel Erway, “Head Honcho,” Webinar Agency

Man this stuff is so next level! I don’t care how small your niche is… This dude can blow anything upCollin Castellaw, Founder, Shotmechanics

“Dude the information you drop in my email is amazing. I’m going to call you the internet marketing Santa Claus because of the way you slide into my inbox and leave gifts you sly boy you.” Jaime Garza, Founder, Ignite Cinemas.

“Honestly, Rocky is definitely the real deal. I’ve been so fortunate to be able to work with him each day. There are so many “gurus” these days who talk the talk, but very few actually walk the walk and have real results that back up their claims. I can tell you from personal experience he is different. He’s opened my eyes to a completely new way of thinking and the results have been amazing. Just wanted to give a shoutout cuz this guy has completely changed my business and life.Justin Willman, Owner, Ultimate Baseball

“I’ve gone through Rocky’s training and I will tell you it’s worth a million bucks!! There are far too many people out there teaching crappy and harmful ways to do business but this program gives both the tactical and the practical! Rocky and his training are a class act! You’d be remiss to think you already know how to do any of what he teaches.” — Rachel Cogar Yeakley, Coach, Speaker, Writer

“One of the 100’s of promos for online business products that have appeared in my newsfeed over the last couple of years, this is one of the absolute best! Even if you don’t purchase the product in the end, the promo itself is really well done! You’ll learn a TON just by looking at and absorbing the marketing info between this FB ad and the front end sales button…. Follow it to the end! (Long form marketing at its best!)” Michael Rytter

My husband convinced me to hire Rocky as a coach. I remember saying “what are they going to teach us that we don’t already know?” Silly me. We hired him. We learned, we implemented, and we made tiny adjustments that had HUGE results! Because we invested in the coaching I made sure that we followed everything to a T. We saw massive results within ~6 weeks and my husband was able to leave his 9-5 to work for my business instead. We work 10-30 hours/week and we’re STILL seeing incredible results and growth. I can’t wait to level up again and see what’s next for SarahBethYoga. Rocky we are loyal to you. Now let’s get 7 figures!Sarah Beth, Founder, SarahBethYoga


Because in today’s world of business, sales and marketing…

There’s more information available than ever before….

Which means now there’s more competition than ever before.

So unless you have something that gives you an unfair advantage….

Then you’re going to get destroyed before you start.

So here’s your exclusive opportunity to discover the secrets that nobody else has access to…

Because I don’t advertise this website on the internet (minus a few links posted in the comments of my YouTube videos which nobody can even find)…

So if you landed on this page…

Then you’re here because you WANT to be here.

That’s the power of marketing done right.

That’s the power of marketing lead with Empathy.

Plus, this kind of marketing is ethical, moral, and unforced.

Which is exactly why it’s so devastatingly effective, and you can discover it too.

Everything I’m doing here (and everything I’ll reveal to you in my weekly research) works because of the Empathy Algorithm.

Plus it’s simple to do.

Now the choice is yours…

So if getting my emails makes sense for you…

Then click that red button below.

When you do, I’ll lead you to a little Google Form where I get to learn a little more about you, and find out what you’re up to.

That way I can (try to) cater my messages to what you’re doing.

Now before you click that red button below, here’s the scarcity part…

Actually double scarcity:

  1. You have to apply to join my list. Unlike most email lists that you can simply opt-in to, my email list is private. It’s private because I actually answer the replies that people send me, so I only want people who are serious about business and marketing on this list (shocker!)This is like Varsity tryouts… and not everybody makes the cut.

  2. You can’t get access to my previous emails. So if you’re not on the list before that email comes Friday/Saturday—whether because you waited too long to apply or you weren’t lucky enough to make the cut—then you miss that breakthrough for the week.

Fair enough?

Then click that red button below.

Talk soon,

– Rocky


I recommend checking out some of my deep dive articles (latest ones listed below) and my products (premium and free).

They will change the way you VIEW and DO marketing.

Marketing done wrong is devastating to any business beyond measure…

Marketing done right, my friend, and you build a gold mine that feeds you and your family… and preserves your legacy for generations to come.

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